“I Like Turtles”

Darwin argues for evolution over arbitrary creation from a higher being by stating that all living organisms on Earth, including humans, evolved from the same organism long ago, each organism branching away in two different paths and building from those branches as generation passes. All organisms that have ever existed on Earth, and the organisms that still do exist, have all branched off from the original two main branches or evolution long ago that established the pathways for plant-like organisms and organisms like humans and chimpanzees. Darwin wanted to explain that not every single living thing on the Earth deserves to become its own species, but actually belongs with other organisms that are similar under the same genus. Darwin also supported the theory of evolution with evidence that the same type of plant and animal fossils were found on different continent coastlines. Darwin claimed that the coastlines had the same fossils because the continents were once attached millions of years ago. (Darwin, 488-513).

Darwin’s claim about fossil findings on different continents from one another is the evidence that I find to support that similar animals across continents are from the same species. His theory that all organisms evolved from the same ancestor billions of years ago is also helpful in understanding biological evolution, which makes much more sense than creations made out of thin air with no parents. Evolution is also fascinating because it brings humans closer to other mammals, which is very humbling and can help us humans think in terms that we were not created to rule above all other beings, humans just gained the correct traits and instincts to be able to maintain at the top of the food chain.

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  1. I agree he makes a good case at the end with his evidence shared. I too couldn’t seem to figure out species could just appear from thin air so his theory of evolution makes a lot of sense to me. I didn’t make the connection of how our species history can be so humbling but it is. To think that we were just apes back in our dna lineage really makes you consider how far we’ve come from then.

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