The Theory of Change and Mutation is Quiet Adaptable

I personally find it difficult to grasp the whole concept of evolution for similar reasons that Darwin covered, for example, there are several gaps in the link for many species to the point that it seems some creatures pop out of nowhere. It reasonable to assume that bit of criticism is not enough to debunk darwins theory, but to have an existing and well-known representation of that model would allow better proof and understanding of his point. We, after all, share many characteristics with the people around us and even more directly with our family members. Looking back to the beginning of recorded human history, our ancestors were only in the thousands compared to the 7 billion people currently on earth. One doesn’t even need social media to tell that not one person is the same though we share many similarities in our vast numbers. Showing on a smaller scale, Darwin’s observation of shared characteristics from ancestors and different mutations being expressed in response to our environment. Culture today is strongly based on our ancestor’s response to their new environment and how they developed habits to better their survival. This allowed certain cognitive thinking styles, personalities, and physical build to be expressed differently in separate geological location (Darwin 484). Those small mutations we all have give a fair representation of darwins idea, that evolution can only take small shallow steps. Being that globalization has brought once separated cultures together, the way populations compete and adapt has become more complex. Not only are you hypothetically competing with people you interact with every day, and then working with those very people to compete with other groups, and so on… now has been increased to a global scale. Meaning that the differences between cultures will decrease and the idolized characteristics in successful individuals will become similar. With this in mind, the individual person will continue to be more and more unique from the rest of the population, but societies around the world will soon develop the same style of competition between those individuals.

Darwins best argument for his theory was if species of the same genus were created separately why do they share so many characteristics and possible mutations, such as strips in fur within the horse-genus. Its easy to pick out how to creatures are different, but sometimes the similarities revile so much more on what makes creation so interesting.