Darwin believed that species evolved through the process of natural selection. Though he couldn’t prove this directly, he still defended his position until the day he died. Darwin argued that you could see this process when he cross-bred a group of worker ants. The result of this experiment left almost all the females in the community sterile but all other bodily operations were functioning normally. Darwin also makes the argument about migration and how certain animals can be seen on different parts of the globe and have different physical traits depending on their geographical location. An example of this would be the Toucan and how in certain parts of Central and South America, the Toucan’s beak is different sizes. Darwin believed this was because the bird evolved over the years to suit its environment as a bigger beak would mean it could break tougher seeds or nuts. Darwin also argued that this idea of evolution can be attributed to all animals on earth as small differences can be seen in many species other than birds.

Darwin’s arguments are very compelling and make you think about what you are reading, but once you look at the facts it makes a lot of sense. This is very convincing because these differences are mostly physical and easily observable in the natural world which makes it all the more believable. For most people, seeing is believing and being able to actually see someone’s argument and the reasons behind it make it even more believable.

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  1. Hi Bryce, how are you today? It is very curious how Darwin and his theory has changed a lot of things since its discovery. The process of the ants is very shocking and the result of the availability of their rest of organs is impressive. As you say, the toucan sample is also amazing, since it might be unbelievable how the same animal can be different in different parts of the world.

    I completely agree with you when mentioning the truth about his theory. Although it can be a lie, if we see at the real fact and data, we can perfectly contemplate that these animals are really like that.

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