Quit “Monkey”ing Around and Get to the Point

Darwin gives a lot of evidence towards his evolutionary theory in his conclusion. One thing that stood out to me was when he talks about advantages leading to victories over own species or subspecies. The advantages that lead to these changes eventually in groups over time developed skills or better technology to keep evolving into a stronger counterpart from its original state. Another point made was that as geological changes happen, and the domino effect to that is that the lifeforms around it also changes to adapt. Darwin also connected geological transformation with the facts on natural selections in environments. Although he never directly talks about natural selection with humans, he connects several webs of relatability with animals and geological changes.

Given the time period and the beliefs of the average Joe during Darwin’s Evolutionary theory, it is super complex and explains a lot of what scientists haven’t touched yet. Darwin does an outstanding job of knowing his audience and who he was going to show this to, but also making his beliefs though not accepted, heard. Although I feel like he is tip-toeing around the topic of natural selection of humans in this conclusion, I personally see what he trying to tell the science world. Darwin’s Argument has a lot of research and deep thought put into it, and I really like how he talks about not only the changes in animals over time, but the changes in the land and how they connect with each other. That to me is why his argument is really convincing.