Well, Why Don’t You Cry About It – No I’m Serious

“You won’t be laughing at global warming when you got a swimming pool in your living room,” said every opinionated college student with a blog. Being that Trump already has a swimming pool fully equipt with rubber duck floaties, who really wants to jump on that boat? One could read a document telling the facts and actions needed to solve such a catastrophic event like global warming, but there is no transfer of emotion to the reader. Most of this conflict would be irrelevant if we had a technological fix, which is what we’re counting on right now, then there would be no need to get people involved especially if the fix is profitable to coal refineries. Right now the closest thing to a techno-fix is simply removing CO2 from the air as stated by the Intergovernmental Plan On Climat Change (IPCC), but it is ineffective and not profitable. I am no engineer but I am a psychologist, what I understand is that there needs to be solid motivation behind this problem. The IPCC is a good thing because it brings us under one flag of humanity for the greater good, but there is still not enough push for it in America. My socieo-technological fix for that problem is to create a movie, a comedy movie none the less, to grab the attention of Americans right from their theaters, right out of their very home. It will include real scientific data, facts, politics, and solutions to global warming as a way to educate and emotionally related to people with story and laughter. I trust that It would work being that films can have that power on people when they are hilariously quotable and relevant to everyday life.

I find the thought of the study of climate change being too young to have any relevance to be very stupid, even before reading Michael’s wonderful article. The big fat block of evidence of “more than 6,000 scientific references cited and the dedicated contribution of thousands of expert and government reviewers worldwide” is undeniably supported by well-seasoned science. Thus supporting my point that America needs to be properly educated with my movie.

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  1. Hi Anthony,
    First off, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the comedy in your title, and in your article as well. Not only does it make it easier to read, but it becomes more attention grabbing as well. With this being said, it is also clear to see that you have a very strong understanding on not only the articles alone, but also on climate change in general. Your socio-technological fix is also an interesting approach, and very different from what I was thinking when asked to find a techno-fix to solve climate change. Finally, I agree with your second paragraph that climate science isn’t too young to be taken seriously, and even if this was true the fact that it is backed by so many scientists today makes it even more reliable.

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