Warming on a Global Scale

The IPCC articles explain the need for us to limit global warming to an increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius. This is because the issues that come with global warming increases dramatically when the temperature increase goes from 1.5 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius. In our class lecture a few weeks ago, Dr. Riedy brought up a very interesting technological fix that could help solve global warming. He discussed that there were ideas of putting particles into the Earth’s atmosphere that would block the Sun’s rays and in turn, would cool down the Earth. This would be considered a socio-technological fix because this reason we need it in the first place is because we are the ones who have had a hand in causing global warming. It is a problem in society because we are worried about the Earth’s health and how it will be negatively affected by global warming. However, like most technological fixes, there would be major consequences if this were to be implemented without putting forth huge efforts to study and prevent said consequences. For example, the particles placed in the atmosphere could have a negative effect of the weather. In order for this fix to be a realistic solution, be must learn how to prevent consequences such as this from happening.

I believe that climate science is still very young. However, I think there is some reliability to it. Going forward there will be more and more advancements made to the category of science and we will eventually be able to rely on it much more than we are today. What we have is a launch pad to build ideas off of in order to learn more about the Earth’s atmosphere and how it works. If we stick with it, which I am sure we will, we will only come closer to solving the issue that is global warming.

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  1. In general I agree that climate science is immature but I just wonder how you would take John Tyndell’s research and predictions then? His statement in 1861 about climate change was so surprisingly accurate that I believe it should be considered some of the first work in the field of climate science. Also I hope that more and more advancements are made to protect and restore the environment as well. Just I believe it’s going to take large scale and fast action by governments and corporations in order to really improve our technology and reducing its environmental impact. Even though like you said we have a launch pad to come up with great ideas none of those will come to life without funding so therefor thats something I hope changes!

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