It’s Not to Late to Try and Save our Planet

If the average global temperature keeps continuing to rise at the pace it’s at, we will soon reach catastrophic levels of devastation from global warming. The goal is to only have our earths average temperature rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius. This would still kill off some species but it would not be nearly as catastrophic as if it raised by 2.0 degrees. We are on pace for our earths average temperature to raise 2.0 degrees by 2100, and if this happened we would see mass extinctions, rising sea levels and we would lose more than 99% of the coral in our oceans (IPCC.) It will be a large challenge to keep this from happening, if we want our temperature to only raise 1.5 degrees we would need to cut our CO2 emissions by 45%. This is a large challenge but it is worth it. If we significantly cut our CO2 emissions we could take a little CO2 out of our atmosphere as well with new technology that is coming out. To some people we would have to do this in too little time and it’s not worth the sacrifice. I believe we need to try because if we don’t there will be catastrophic consequences.

Some people may say that climate science is too young to be reliable, as we know from the Reidy readings, climate science has been around for a long time. There was climate science going on all the way back during the 1860’s with scientist John Tyndall doing research on climate change in relation to our atmosphere. This is still what we are discussing today with all of the CO2 in our atmosphere. Climate science is not too young to be reliable because people have been studying it for centuries.

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  1. Hi Cameron! How are you today? First of all, I must say that I like your post, as you cover the problems that would arise in the event the rising temperatures reached 2.0º Celsius. It might be shocking and not very comfortable to see how sea levels or animal species disappear. Do you imagine a world like that? Awful.

    Regarding the second topic, I couldn’t agree with you more, I also talked about that science has been working on scientific researches for a long time. However, I still understand why people make a point in the youth of science, as its life is short in comparison to other fields, such as history.

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