Screwed by 2040

After the readings I honestly don’t see a way for technology to be able to fix the hot oven we have put ourselves into. BACCS and CDR are good ideas but they are only small solutions compared to a bigger problem. Hans-Otto PÖrter says “Giving people and ecosystems more room to adapt” I think is a lousy way of thinking. For us to be able to get a grasp on things soci-tech fixes are going to be our only door. For the majority for the world we will have to change everything about the way we live. For this to be able to play out at less half way descent the world will need to come to an agreement about climate change. The United States in particular would need to take a big look in the mirror and own up to the poison that we have not only put into the air but what we have dumped into land and water its self. Another problem that I see is that all these changes cost money and I don’t know anyone giving away money for free these days, not even for a world phenomenon.
Science is absolute not too young to be reliable. The greenhouse effect was developed in 1861, during high industrial give off emissions. This was over 100 years ago and we have more evidence proving climate change more than ever. Science has been around along time, not just to prove climate change but to have evidence against or for other theories like the milky way for example. IPCC had confidence levels and not one was low. Science has only grown stronger in its aging years, not weaker like us humans.