an easy fix

The idea that a technological fix is the solution to the rising temperatures is a little far fetched in my opinion, I believe that the solution is already available, and it will help with the poverty rates like mentioned in the article. This solution will have a greater impact on those who chose to live in cities. This would be to greatly rely on public transport that is using clean energy. If cities were able to get everyone to not use their cars while going even to work that would make a tremendous difference, the plan that I would use is simple. You make public transport cheap if not free, this would help the poverty issue because people would always be able to move freely around a city. If more cities also utilized biking like Seattle that would also make a tremendous difference. The solution is not some new technology but existing tech, its already here and while it wont entirely fix the problem it will help in the long run.

The second part is also hard to answer, I would agree with Tydall in his idea of Naturalism, this is the idea that the world will change with or without us. Taking other classes from Dr. Reidy like history of mountaineering also helps because many climbers like Tyndall would agree that mankind likes to think that they can control nature and the idea of climate science is a little ridiculous, it is young very young and it might someday make a difference in changing nature, but like the climbers that conquered Everest would say, you cannot tame the mountain you have to always know that mother nature will always remain wild. to conclude I would agree that climate science at this time is unreliable but in the future, who knows?