Its Gettin’ Toasty

As time goes on, and human existence still exist, the climate will continue to rise. One of the biggest debates is if climate change is human caused of if it’s natural As more recent studies have come out concerning the topic, it is an undeniable fact that it has indeed come to a conclusion that we have undeniably been the main cause of this catastrophe. Everything from factories to the existence of 7 billion people.  Our main focus now is what can humans do to stop the rising temperatures. I believe that the technological fix is having a more efficient way of extracting and collecting energy. Two of the biggest contributors to climate change is transportation and factories. They have both offered alternatives to correcting or making less heat. For transportation, foreign countries have made gas incredibly expensive so public transportation is the only way of traveling. Also, electric cars are becoming more popular (although manufacturing the batteries aren’t the best for climate change.) But this could allow us from using less coal.

After reading Reey’s article, it becomes obvious that climate change has always been a problem even though it hasn’t been that popular. It would be a ignorant to say that it’s “A recent study” or that it has no credit because it has been study for a long time. In Reed’s article, Tyndale pointed out that the rays of the earth would be easily susceptible to climate change. Keep in mind that this was in the early twentieth century. The funny thing is, if he would have been wrong in the first place about climate change when he was in the middle of Europe studying the climate, he would have been a nobody or would have been even credited in today science, or Reedy’s article. Climate change is bad because of ignorance.