You May Doubt Science But You Can’t Doubt History

In my opinion there are many technological fixes that can prevent large scale global warming. However, like we have talked about these fixes may only be short term. It will be a real challenge and a struggle to find the appropriate fixes that will last through future generations. This said, with such rapid rise in global temperatures we need to find solutions quickly. A temporary fix may be necessary until a more long term solution can be created. As the headline statements article suggests a 1.5 degree change is much less invasive than a 2 degree change. Even if we let this change reach 2 degrees then ramp up carbon capture technology some changes will be irreversible. For example, coral reefs would die off at 2 degrees and may not be able to recover even if temperatures are later reduced. (Davenport, last page) The big question is can we make these changes in time? The answer is complex and may not be clear yet. “Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” (IPCC Press Release, pg. 1) I think achieving this change is still possible, but the time frame in which large changes need to happen is shrinking rapidly.

I think that statement is bullshit! Maybe the research into climate change needs to be improved but we already have plenty of research that proves global warming is real. Climate change science is young but earth’s history is ancient. We may not know exact reasons for what caused climate change in the past but we do know what can happen. It’s obvious that if we do not make changes in the near future, the possible outcomes could be horrendous, not just humans but the millions of other species that are affected by our actions. As Reidy states, Tyndall published a paper in 1861 about the effects of changing the atmosphere. (Reidy, pg. 13) This has been plenty of time and we need to break people from their fear of science so the world can work together on fixing a mighty problem.