One Love….Community and Capitalism

Harari explains that the state is the main influence on families for their kids to go to school and get an education. He also points out the in a struggling market, family ties tend to be stronger while in stronger markets, family ties tend to be weaker. Harari points out that in modern times, “youngsters” have a lack of respect for their elders (362). But how state and markets became the center of human aspects was imagined communities. This is people pretending that they know each other even though they don’t. I believe the intention of imagined communities was obligation for a healthier community. For example, if there is toxic parents, then the state takes over the kids and they go to a foster home or an alternative family. But who is to say that people are happier under a happy market when Harari chart shows the isolation of family under the modern cycle as opposed to the modern cycle?

I think that historians should play the role of a double check. What I mean by this is we have been taught history so that we don’t make the same mistakes twice. If we were to discard history, we would be starting from ground zero every time. I also think with that being said, historians should be inventors because they have a perdition of the future with what they have leaned in the past. Knowing that the climate was going to change back in the early 1800 was not an original idea. That was based of the evidence of the ice age and coming out off it. That’s when we learned that the earth was warming up. Then it lead to the discoveries of what the industries had on the environment on top of the natural cycle of the earths climate.

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  1. I find your idea on the double check to be so interesting. I had never thought of historians as being the inventors of our society. I am interested in this idea of being an inventor being I think it makes sense but I would be interested to know what inventions you specifically mean. Your ideas are really interesting, especially the bit about climate change. I definitely agree with your assessment of Harrari and I think that you put it quite eloquently.

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