Are Homo Sapiens causing the end to their own species?

“We have become more subject to the dictates of modern industry and government” (Harari, 352). Harari argues that after the industrial revolution most of the traditional functions of families and communities were handed over to states and markets. In the cognitive and agricultural revolution all human needs were taken care of by the family and community. (Harari, 356) He argues that over time, states and markets used their growing power to weaken the traditional bonds of family and community. He gives an example of the state and market giving an offer that could not be refused: become individuals, marry whomever you desire, without asking permission from your parents’. The same with taking what job you want and live wherever you wish. The state and the market said between the lines that every individual is no longer dependent on their family, and the state and the market will provide food, shelter, education, welfare, insurance etc. (Harari, 358) The individual can overall only survive with the help from the state and the market, where it was different in the ‘Premodern Cycle’ where we were depended on support from our family and community. (Harari, 361)
Harari mentions that the ‘Sapiens regime’ has so far produced little that we can be proud of. We have increased food production, built cities, established empires etc. But we did not really decrease the suffering in the world. Homo Sapiens are right now breaking the laws of natural selection by intelligent design, and who knows what next level humans will take biological engineering and intelligent design to (Harari, 399). Harari suggests that this biotechnological revolution signals the end of Sapiens and that we will be replaced by bioengineered post-humans. To connect this to historians, they play the role as seeing what have happened in the past. According to Harari, the agricultural and industrial revolutions were big frauds in history, so everything that we as humans do, does not make us any happier but only destroys the future or end of homo sapiens. Historians can set the future into consideration of how homo sapiens are breaking the laws of natural selection and what it means for our happiness in the future.