The Future of Man

  1. The State and the Market have long been interconnected, having a symbiotic relationship. Harrari speaks to the cultural differences when considering the state and market. For instance, he cites the weakening of the nuclear family and the breaking of social ties as being because of these two institutions (Harrari, 359). The State and the Market also create imagined communities which embeds ties and meaning within a group of people (Harrari, 363). In these ways, the state and market use their power to tell people of a society what they should believe in, what they should be obtaining, and how to go about obtaining their goals. This perpetuates the role of class struggle and power in the society, giving some an advantage over the many. Harrari stresses the importance that this role has in the progression of our society, which I think can also lend itself to our own demise.
  2. The role of a historian when considering the future is the same as a scientists. I think that we need both the people who can analyze the data and interpret it in a way that carries meaning and the people who find the data. Historians have the unique talent of understanding what has happened before, both in reality and in the metaphysical sense. When considering the end of homo sapiens I do not know if anyone will have a role in predicting what will happen or how to save us per say, but I think that acknowledging the past can aid us in moving forward.