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LeCain argues that the three technological fixes are just band-aid fixes that realistically perpetuate the issues and avoid actually dealing with the source of the true issue. The three types of techno fixes include relocating, delaying and transforming the issues. Even though a lot of the techno-fixes aren’t initially meant to prolong the source of the issue, the secondary effects of the transformation, delay and relocation techno-fixes inherently do indeed prolong the issues at hand. The people who were trying to mitigate their direct environmental issues improved their immediate ecosystems health and therefore thought that they had ‘fixed’ the issue at hand. It wasn’t a maliciously thought out ploy to shove their issues onto other areas in the world and mess everyone else up, they just simply weren’t as educated on environmental detriments and issues that arose further down the line. All of the secondary effects and detriments weren’t necessarily due to lack of caring, they were simply due to the fact that they simply didn’t have the education or knowledge to possibly predict the outcomes of their techno fixes. The results of the techno-fixes did have bad outcomes and they did prevent from actually handling the real issue of causing harm to the environment the issues just went through a shape shifting stage and hid themselves among other people and other environments for long periods of time.

I think that at this point our world is so past the point of dependency on mining and the use of metal and minerals deep beneath the earth’s surface I think that it would be impossible to rewire our society to not use copper or other minerals. I think that in a perfect vacuum world I would say yes I fully support not mining minerals or copper because it produces horrible toxic waste and environmental detriments past the point of imagination, however being honest with my actions I do support the mining industry and basically every other person in America. “The modern prejudice against such technological solutions appear to be, at least in part, historically justified(LeCain p.150 )” I am disgusted by the aftereffects of mining and the impacts it is having on the earth, humans, and other animals. It is honestly horrifying, the prejudice is very justified, but the actions of most people are not reflecting eerie prejudices because it is so difficult to escape in our modern world. I think that it is important that we at least try to get away from mining copper and other minerals, otherwise we are at a standstill, however right now I think it is a very difficult task to be completed.

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