Mountains and Mines

Protecting the environment now so our children can improve it

Timothy J. Lecain main argument is when we try to manipulate the environment to head to our needs the environment suffers. He talks about the Techno fixes we use to do this. The Techno fixes he talks about are one the transformational technofix, second the relocational techno fix, then finally the third one he talks about is the delaying techno-fix. He talks about how all techno fixes fall into at least one of those categories. Usually every techno fix that occurs in mining the pollution is minor at the time but over a period of time the pollution expands

My opinion is in this day and age we are developing alternative energy methods and ways to replace copper and other similar mined minerals. Especially since with today’s society the hurt being caused on the environment from mining operations around the country has become more widely known thanks to social media and the news. Also protecting the environment has shifted to one of the top priorities in the United States. After taking a more in depth look at this problem I now agree with Lecains argument. I truly do not think that there will ever be successfully clean mining operation. However, until the technology is successfully invented and put into production and eventually put into use there will still be a demand for copper and other mined minerals. Now what I think all that can be done with modern mining operations is to try and successfully contain the pollution from the operation and prep for a future clean up. Because more likely than not the major pollution will not be in our lifetime but our children and grandchildren’s lifetime.