Natural Selection at its Finest

Darwin was a very smart person and when he said that evolution was caused in part through natural selection I almost always agreed. After only further looking into his claim i have found that i believe him even more so. Darwin’s theory of evolution as a whole is really accurate and roughly accepted throughout most of America. Darwin defined evolution as “descent with modification” this quote perfectly describes Darwin’s view of how evolution is altered by change and is also somewhat of a learning curve. This quote is the best evidence that Darwin shows, although it is a quote by Darwin it perfectly displays how evolution is impacted by natural selection. Natural Selection plays a huge role as it is the driving force to moving forward, humankind evolving to know that certain animals are dangerous and that we as humans can not take them on and we must evolve to avoid or battle them with weapons. Natural selection would be like having all those who do not learn and evolve with the others die off to simple mistakes leaving only those who evolve to prevail above those who don’t evolve. The most important part to humans evolution is learning, this cognitive development allowed for us to rise up and to defeat those who did not developed through evolution. This hand up is what has lead to human kind as we are today, learning to build fire, control animals and to harvest goods.


In my opinion to argue the most influential and important factors you need to lay them out in chronological order. The first point I would like to emphasize that Darwin made would be the quote “descent with modification” Darwin said this in regards to defining what evolution is and how it is caused. The first and most important factor in human evolution was the discovery of fire, than the ability to herd and control animals and than finally to learn how to manage and harvest from farms and livestock. These factors in my opinion are not only the most convincing but also the most important to human evolution and natural selection. Those who did not manage to evolve into having these skills died off due to a lack of survival skills.