Mining and the Techno-Fixes

LeCains’s arguments concerning the three types of technofixes are that technofixes are created to help us clean up the mess that us humans have created that is damaging the environment. With mining comes acid rain and with acid rain, comes destruction of crops and livestock for farmers and ranchers. Although theses technofixes did help with solving certain environmental problems, they also harmed the environment. “On further examination, however, all 3 types of techno-fixes ultimately resulted in other environmental problems and they thus offer some insight into the strengths and limitations of the engineering and scientific methods used to create and evaluate techno-fixes.” (LeCain, Pg. 139)
With the knowledge of how much mining products waste, I believe mining copper and other minerals was necessary for the advancement and prosperity of this country. Without mining cooper in world war two, we probably would have never helped with the decimation of the Nazi control on Europe. With the time of the industrial revolution in the United States, the country experienced a boom in the economy that was never seen before. This led to the United Sates mining for more materials then ever before. Sure, back then society didn’t know about the amount of negative effects, but this helped the United States become one the most successful and technology advanced countries in the world. Most products that we use for everyday life is made by mining materials from the Earth. We cannot simply stop mining and expect our society to not take a hit economically and scientifically. To improve mining, we must continue making new and better techno-fixes to make mining a less heavier activity on the environment.

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  1. I have to say I firmly disagree that mining was the only way for America to be profitable. The many renewable resources that could have shaped this country, such as Tesla and other innovative scientists of the time, were squashed by industrial pressuring of politics. If we supported the creation of machines that were less harmful to begin with we would not be suckling off the same old coal. They did know about the negative effects, they lived through the negative effects, and we are still living though them today. We need to stop this misconception that people were less educated in the past. Who do we think built the education we have today? This is not an unexpected problem from the past, it is not just something that future generation will have to deal with, it is everyone’s problem now.

  2. I heavily agree with the fact that we cannot stop mining copper as we are still too reliant on the mineral as a society. I also like how you used to acid rain example to state how it was a problem that was solved using techno-fixes. I believe that as technology advances, our technological fixes will have to become more and more efficient in solving problems. However, would this mean that the consequences would also become heavier to bear?

  3. I also agree with what you have written about the importance of mining throughout our history. Its evident to me that mining was done the most advanced ways possible for the time. We are far more technologically advanced now than we were 100 years ago, and mining has played an important role in that advancement. I cant imagine anyone one hundred years ago foreseeing all of the negative effects of mining and how their actions would impact the world 100 years later, and thus propose the widespread industrial use of only natural resources. I mean we just discovered 4 new elements in 2016, hundreds of years ago we didn’t even have a name for some chemicals or know anything about them or how they would be detrimental to the environment in 50 years time.

  4. I just wrote out my entire comment and submitted it, but it said “to many requests” and wouldn’t process. So I will sum up (shorter lazier version) of what I just wrote the first time. I also agree with your post and how important mining was and still is in our society. The most brilliant minds of the time came together with the goal of advancing and growing industry, the best way they knew. Mining played a pivotal role in the growth of our industry. I find it extremely hard to believe under any circumstances that anyone one hundred years ago anyone would have argued for natural resources because they knew all of the negative effects of mining coal for energy. Elements are still being added to the periodic table, hundreds of years ago there wasn’t even a name for some toxins, so how would it ever be possible to know the outcome of something foreign until you live through it and learn from it. I agree the pollution is everyone’s problem now but realistically I don’t think there is any way we would have evolved our industry to the level it is today without the way we mined then.

  5. Hi Kaylor
    I really liked your blog post, you had great comments and amazing thoughts about the topic we were given. I completely agree with you on techno fixes. The fixes are to help us clean up the mess we have made. Like you stated with he fixes comes more problems, problems that could worsen the situation and causes bigger issues. I liked your comment about how with these fixes we then understand or realize the cause and affect to our path of destruction. In your second paragraph I also agree with you. We need to continue to mine, it has been a process of gathering minerals and resources for hundreds of years and it seems to late to just stop. We use these sources everyday and these sources are a essential part of our everyday lives and the haunting of mining could have cataclysmic affects on our everyday lives.

  6. It’s interesting that you pointed out about the acid rain because it’s incredibly common among old mines all around the world, the government generally keeps them under raps.
    In terms of the Berkeley fix, I think that we overthought the problem of the pit by shutting off the pumps thinking’s that it would go further into the soil but it did eventually build But it’s true that it is essential to mine the copper and other precious materials from these mines to keep a stable and high functioning economy. But you did this question very well and obviously thoroughly did the reading and you were able to back up the text very easily. Good job on explaining your opinion.

  7. I agree that mining was a great way to for the united states to make a good profit, but it was not the only way. There were many other ways that the us could make a profit but that is not important. I agree with you that the US makes a huge profit due to mining but no matter what happens the environment takes massive damage due to the human necessity to expand and make a profit. I also agree that if we were to just stop mining all together almost the entire would’s economy will crash and there will be little to no advancement. I do really like your writing style because it makes sense and has a good point, you get your point across clearly and its easy to follow.

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