The Three fixes to the Negative Impact of Mining

According to Lecain there are three different kind of technological fixes for the negative issues that mining creates. These three include, the transformational fix, the relocation fix, and the delaying fix. According to Lecain these are the different ways mining companies tried to combat the negative effects on the environment. He uses two different case studies as examples in his argument. The first one was what happened in the Southern Smokey mountains. These mines during the beginning of the 20th century exerted a lot of toxic sulfuric smoke into the environment. This led to the deaths of a lot livestock in the surrounding area. After pressure from the locals and the federal government the company created a system that changed the toxic sulfuric gas into sulfuric acid (Lecain 140.) This allowed the company to help out the environment and it allowed them to sell the acid to farmers who used it as fertilizers. This technological fix allowed the mining company to continue mining and it helped out the local government. Later we discovered that farming using sulfuric acid as fertilizer was also bad for the local environment. Despite this using technological fixes to solve the negative impacts of mining is the correct move. Mining has many negative effects on the environment, but the use of any kind of technological fixes will improve the situation.

As we all know mining creates many different negative effects on the environment. Despite this mining is a necessary part of our culture because of how reliant we are on our natural resources. As a society, we need to use any of the different kind of techno-fixes to help clean up our mining industry because it is such an important part of our modern society.