Humanity First

The idea that the state and market became pivotal in human culture is made abundantly clear in Harari’s text. Humanity will seek to create heaven on Earth, the idea that everyone will be happy. (Harari, 386) With this search of Happiness I believe that his argument is best made. Humans will search for happiness and through this they will change they will push progress as far as they can to achieve this. Making life easier is natural for humanity, take the simple printing press it made mass production of news easy, and using this it would make more people happy. Which will be vital for a continued push to progress. This progress is the “market”, as the market grows so does the money and with this money people are more happy, and these happy people will in tun help grow the market.

I believe that historians are a crucial role in the future of our species. Time and time again history has repeated itself and this is often for a lack of recognition of the past. Take the Americans for example, they are seemingly ashamed and ignorant of the plight of the Native Americans, many textbooks neglect to tell the truth about what happened and as history has proven it will likely happen again in one form or another. Historians will always be needed and they will be the cornerstone of how our peoples and maybe even species are remembered. You never know, if the lizard people rise up and take over, we would want them to read out history and think that we were a decent species. Historians will always be needed.

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  1. First off I would like to start off saying that your blog is interesting and well written. I agree with you inthat fact pretty much happyness makes the world go round with the force of money. I also agree with you that we need to learn for the past more and take into account what has already happened very important. Time and time again history has repeated it self. As humans you would think we know better but we are a very proud and ignorant species.

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