Superman or Superbug

The example I want to use is about the mosquitos. The exhilarating part of using CRISPR could means that this is the beginning to the end to stop the spread to some serious diseases. If this works well enough, it could be implemented in other animals to help stop the spread of other diseases that can be very lethal in a global economy with demand and trade. Like the mosquitoes, other alien species have invaded different ecosystems with devastating effects. Other animals have gotten sick from the new species which help push them from an area. The result is an off-balance biosystem. Unfortunately, the frightening aspects to CRISPR, are very scary. For example, if a batch of mosquitoes who would destroy the spread of malaria, turned out bad or improper, there is a chance that these mosquitoes could now spread the disease and worse case, somehow made malaria into a superbug.

Gene editing is an exciting and challenging field today. It’s my opinion to confront human genetic editing with great caution. We need to do more research in other animals or bugs to find any long-term problems that could be unseen. An example might be WW2, atomic bombs to end a war, just to discover years later about leukemia. I think we should be excited about this field, but not blind. On the exciting side to this, it opens a door to help generations to come with this ever changing and dangerous world. Some people might be happy with a natural ability to write or do math with little work. Myself included. In conclusion, I think it’s outside of human nature not to experiment with this field, but I would need to know more to make any suggestions other than go slow and do it right the first time.