God’s work

I the reading and through discussions in class it would seem apparent that governments and religions should fear the air pump or Electrical machines. This seems to be because many people in governments have ties with religion and religion is very reliant on God and his work. Science would help break the traditional values that religion seems to value. (Johnson, 149) Many times over religion has restricted growth especially in the scientific field, and religion historically has  had great influence on government, especially in the dark ages, where the pope had nearly unrivaled power. Science is the thing that would help break the power that religion has. The advent of even gunpowder and its development seemingly was pivotal in the changing tines. Revolution against the system usually it is the result of some scientific change.

I would say that yes Johnson’s work would shed a good light on current examples of science that would have social consequences. One major one would have to be vaccinations. Many devoutly religious people are very against vaccinations, even though they are incredibly beneficial. This development has helped break some peoples unjustified beliefs in the idea that God can cure anything. Something as simple as vaccinations would pose a great threat to God fearing people, because they would have to go against their social norms to help themselves. Growing up Catholic was interesting because I knew people that were non willing to get simple things like the flu shot because God did not will it. The idea that God is going to prevent Polio is insane and that is one prime example of science research that would hold consequences.

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  1. Priestly was a large thinker, viewing science, politics and religion as inseparable parts of a much bigger picture. The interesting thing about the modern day, is though we may be a more specialized society, those 3 components are still closely correlated. The religious right, and I use that term loosely, may stand against science considered essential to our betterment, they will almost certainly find politicians to support their views and enough dissenting scientists to make it an argument. The fact that vaccines, and their benefits are even a debate is evidence of this. But because the 3 are so inter-related, politics can shift to the left or right for any number of reasons, effecting the voice of religion in the Halls of power, thereby shifting the terms upon which government looks at particular types of science. /

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