How Religion and Politics are “Shook” by Air

When it comes to air, Religion is an important part of. The spirit of the soul was of “mephitic air” or the fermenting liquids was the spirit of human existence (Pg 147).  What Priestly was trying to do was simplify the understanding of a higher power. Why religion should fear air pumps and machine is because they help us get to a better understanding of what a higher power is. This is really bad for religion because what the truth behind the science of (air for example) does not always line up with the ideals of religion. Priestly was trying to end corruption through his findings which caused a lot of people to be angry because it questioned their faith. But facts don’t lie. Politics was also in hot water because the basis of politics came from religion. And is heavily influenced by religion and if someone like Priestly  begins questioning the religion, it can weaken the government.

Johnston work was a bold. It brought a new perspective to unanswered questions. The question of if they will cause political consequences in modern society I believe is answered through his text. Today rather than back then, people are less offended by new ideas. Back then, religion is the christian church was a huge part of the culture and politics. Today, there are many ideas and ideals that stray from the church and the government. I think  That Johnson will have a bigger effect of the political/religious side rather than the social side because he is directly question them. But Today’s society is a very forgiving and open time to have altering ideas.