“Global Warming” or Climate Change

“Global Warming” is a term often used by people to scare others into believing the earth is getting warmer and warmer every year. While the average global temperature has gone up, according to the IPCC report, some places around the world are actually getting colder. These rising temperatures and shifting climates are in no way a good thing and could lead to some irreversible global impacts. Rising sea levels is one thing that often comes to mind for many people when they hear the phrase “Global Warming” which is true, it is far from the only effect. Another long-lasting impact of global temperatures rising is the destruction of our aquatic ecosystems which would lead to fish dying and the possible starvation of many coastal communities due to the loss of their main source of food. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 10-12% of the world’s population survive off of fishing and other aquatic means. Technological fixes can help to slow this process down or even stop it, such as altering infrastructure and transportation, but it would likely take a global effort to make it a possibility.

The argument that “Climate Science is still in its infancy” grossly underestimates the efforts of climate scientists and the progress that has been made in that field. People have been working on studying the climate and the effects humans have on it. Scientists such as John Tyndall were very important in paving the way for modern climate scientists and are instrumental in our understanding of the global climate today. Unfortunately, many people still hold this ideology today and that is often what holds us back from making any important changes and advances in climate science and possible fixes to the problems we will soon be facing if current trends continue.

2 thoughts on ““Global Warming” or Climate Change”

  1. Great response here! I like that you use alternative examples of what the effects of climate change are, and that there is more to it than global temperature rise. While more extreme weather patterns can certainly mean cooling effects in some places, the overall global temp rise continues to be an issue. I also appreciate you addressing that to say “climate science is in its infancy” is to dismiss many decades of work by individuals who spend a lifetime in the field.

  2. I loved your last paragraph! Mentioning that people are grossly underestimating scientists is a great point. Although some would argue that scientists change their data to appear correct, that is also extremely insulting to the same scientists. I also enjoy that you focus on the differences in climate change (rising and lowering temperatures) it is easy to forget how uninformed people can be. Which leads to them being wary of the whole field, all because of a simple misunderstanding.

    Thanks for sharing!

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