Temperatures are Rising

The techno-fix that is mostly talked about would be finding something that would remove CO2 from the air so that the global temperature would be returned to below 1.5 Celsius. We would also have to lower the amount of CO2 we release into the air by about 45% within the 20 year span from 2010 to 2030. This would mean that we would need to adapt transport and cities, industries and a large amount of other concepts to save ourselves. From how I understood the article the socio-technological fixes could be employed in this time frame if it was done correctly, and that means policy makers and politicians would need to make smart decisions.
I know that a lot of people don’t believe in climate change and that it has become an incredibly heated topic during debates. I have heard many people say that the only people who believe in climate science and global warming are the tree hugging type that are trying to scare use into recycling. However, I do not see a lot of actual scientific articles that actually make good points and show good research to contrast climate sciences. Both of these articles talk about global warming and how dangerous it is and will continue to be now and into the future. Reidy explicitly states that if it were not for global warming there would not be a new climatology center in Britain, so clearly, there must be some reliability when it comes to climate science. There are an incredible amount of other studies that talk about global warming and it has become a well known that by 2040 climate changes will lead to catastrophic events. The amount of evidence in the world and within these two articles shows that the statement found in our question is not true.

3 thoughts on “Temperatures are Rising”

  1. I agree with you that the amount of evidence indicating that climate change is real and is happening is astonishing. What was it, like 6000 articles were read and analyzed for this report alone! I like the neutral tone in your blogpost. I think that a good way to get a point across is just to state facts rather than opinions. Also, I think the climate science deniers aren’t the real problem. The problem (aside from climate change itself) is the people that believe that climate change is a good thing because they believe Jesus’ second coming is closer!
    Nice job.

  2. Agree with your points. With how much is happening in the world, climate change is very real. The scientific evidence is astounding and can’t be avoided. People that do get in these heated discussions about climate change, have to look at how much evidence is being supported not just in articles but in real world context. There will be huge changes by 2040 like you said.

  3. Hey Carly! I really liked your post! I agree that it is foolish to completely discredit climate science. Just because the science is new does not make it incorrect. We have consistent, linear data that has been recored for many years and that enables us to make such accurate predictions about the future. If we wait until the science is proven to be correct, it will be too late to do anything. Good job!

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