Give me Liberty or Give Me Mines

One of the serious health issues for mining at great depths is the heat and body temperature. It’s been a long-term problems human have been facing for centuries. The Romans, careless of their slave workers used only the most basic technologies in their mines. Saxon miners of mediaeval Germany used water powered to ventilate the mines. The British and Americans used coal engines to run air pumps and electricity to illuminate and ventilate the mine. The engineers of these mines turned out to be some of the first environmental engineers. Mining was always on the forefront of technologies for countries, usually when a country had a good mine, they had the resources to do what they wanted.

These environmental engineers had their work out for them. Mines cause catastrophic damage to habitats and the creatures that lived in them. Open-pit mining causes a mass amount of land to be ruined by digging a crater into the Earth. Also, the men and woman who would work in and around the mines would need a place to live and places to purchase and maintain their life style. This led to towns like Butte and Helena. These negative aspects of mining should be considered. It’s hard to say what should be done to reverse the effects the mine has on an area. I think every place is different and every mine has different demands on the environment around the area. The process of mining is dangerous, but it has gotten much better over the years with fewer deaths. Machines can now do most of the dangerous work and technologies have evolved to make it a good life style while still maintain proper health.

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  1. I like what you have written here, but I think it would serve your argument to cite LeCain as a reference. The information you have is strong, but it always helps to pull from someone else’s ideas as well.

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