For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Though there wasn’t the direct proof linking evolution and natural selection Darwin uses the process of observing surroundings and finding similarities to help lean people into his discovery and belief. Darwin states that not every animal you see in the modern day changed at the same time as one another, that a couple species would start changing to adapt at one time or that it takes thousands of years for a species to change into something we could possibly see. (pg. 485, L 36-43.) While also looking at what has been found by those before and after Darwin made his statement of evolution, fossils found throughout time and all the species in the museums man has crafted far out numbers those that are around in the modern day. But even before that humanity can’t even comprehend where these creatures came from or the ones before them had gone without the evolutions of a species.


According to line 12 on page 491 the book states that change happens to the organic species living on it only after the land changes itself. It is a cause and effect system where when one thing changes others will follow suit to survive. This I find to be the most convincing piece of evidence for Darwin’s belief in evolution and natural selection. The least convincing for me to believe would be that things change by observing others change. Very early in the chapter it states that natural selection happens by observation instead of just out of necessity.