Follow the Clues

One of Darwin’s arguments to convince his readers of his theory was to appeal to some of their previous ideas on the subject. He concluded with that idea there was still some divine intervention and influence in the beginning of life. Those who were not so sure about Darwin’s scientific claims were easier to persuade with the idea that God may still have been involved in their creation. He bases his argument deep in the science of geologic records and the observable characteristics of species that exist now. An argument that was made for the origin of species was the fact that species could not have been created separately. Different species have similar traits this pushes the idea that they were one derived from the same species btu evolved separately. “The existence of closely related allies or representative species in any two areas, implies, on the theory of descent with modification, that the same parents formerly inhabited both areas”(499). This idea really was convincing to me as these characteristics have a pretty obvious and widely accepted origin and it logically makes sense.

I think the idea of shared characteristics was the most convincing part because you can follow a path through geological evidence of the ways in which that trait was carried and passed through. This trait must have been favorable to each species and therefore continued through all variations of species and beings. The argument/statement that there was divine intervention does not convince me. I believe this was solely to get the majority of people to understand it in a way and appeal to their prior beliefs.