Does everything Evolve?

Charles Darwin believed that the most likely cause of evolution throughout the course of history was natural selection.  He was completely sure that his hypothesis on the matter was correct but not everyone was ready to side with him.  Within his writings he made a couple strong arguments why he has been indeed correct all along.  Those arguments are in the last chapter of his book.  He starts the chapter off with a bang by introducing one of his strongly voiced arguments saying that complex organs have been perfected over time and that can be seen best by the gradations in the perfection of any given organ.  Everything goes through slight modifications to become better by variations.  Charles Darwin directly puts this together stating, “gradations in the perfection of any organ or instinct, which we may consider, either do now exist or could have existed, each good of it’s kind, -that all organs and instincts are, in ever so slight a degree, variable” (Darwin, pg. 482).  This is a very elaborate idea in which he describes how evolution slowly changed natural selection instead of happening suddenly.  A second argument of his was that natural selection acts by competition.  Animals simply inhabit or develop characteristics to help adapt to the region its in.  Perfect examples of evolution are that woodpeckers come to the ground to eat and that upland geese have webbed feet even though they rarely swim.  This perfectly shows how animals are evolving to the region their living in to survive.


I thought that they the two I mentioned above were both elaborate and well thought out but one was more put together.  The argument I liked the best of all of his was the second one I mentioned about animals changing to fit the area around them.  It’s very interesting to think about all the animals in the world that have characteristics that don’t make sense because somewhere a while ago they adapted.  It makes sense if you analyze the history of the given animal.