One of the first arguments given by Darwin, he talks about how different females of sterility crossed species and then he crosses over into how two different tree species were grafted together and so on. He is taking about how different species of animals and humans and plants were able to cross breed I guess you could call it and form a new type of species therefore moving the concept of evolution along. Darwin then talks about how geographical distribution happened. Talking about species all from a common ancestor. As you read further into this article Darwin talks about the fossils and how could we not have risen from evolution, we can look at the fossils and the strata and determine that we have changed in many ways over long periods of time. Darwin as he goes through out the article he keeps using the word varieties, to me this means that evolution was definitely a plausible decision through the work of Darwin. When I read the word varieties I can think of all the different types of species that are similar, but different in some of the smallest ways, which I think proves evolution.

I think Darwin’s use of the fossil reference is probably the most convincing of his arguments in my opinion. Today we are still discovering new species that existed way before our time, still manage to find similarities between us and them and between animals and plants we have today in similarity with the fossils found. We are able to look at the strata and determine how long ago these animals and plants were alive and from there we are able to determine where did that species go and did they adapt and create a new breed of species or if It was the last true species of its kind and no cross breeding had been done. I believe Darwin had everything to be able to prove evolution through natural selection, but not accepted by the community of his time. I do believe in evolution through natural selection , we have proof and plenty of ways of finding more. 

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  1. Atleast with your observations and the current readings, we can agree that revelations in science take time to be accepted by a larger array of society. Now however, that information flow (and most likely acceptance ratio) is now 10x more wide spread than ever before. We know back then during Darwin’s time that the flow of information was slow, and barely accurate at best. Today, we experience the flow of information on a global scale. However, much like your post has brought up, weather people choose to accept that information is dependent on them. This also brings in the age old problem of accuracy and truth. With the rapid flow of information, who’s to say any of it is true? Not everything on the internet is truth (as we in this current generation know very well). Darwin in particular actually had a debilitating fear of pubic speaking, which further hindered his work being properly presented to an audience who failed to take him serious a large portion of the time.

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