Darwin was the leading mind of his time and the father of modern evolutionary theory. But for someone to make such a claim then say there is very little evidence to prove it while maintains that it is right, is a preposterous proposition. In the last chapter Darwin uses the arguments of growth with reproduction, inheritance, variability, ratio of increase, struggle for life, divergence of character and extinction. The environment in which a species dwelled had a profound effect on the eventual evolution of this species. Animals that migrated from a warm climate to a colder on and stayed there would develop ways to stay warm and change their diet to suit their new home. The concept of animal embryos being similar with many species gives credit to the notion that species evolved from a common source, generations ago. But Darwin had no real way of proving this, especially with the technology of the time.

I have never been taught much about Darwin due to the schools I attended but reading his theories on evolution I am perplexed but also in agreeance with certain statements he makes. I find it perplexing that many species could originate from a single ancestor. One could argue that humans all came from the same common ancestor, but to that I say there are really few “variants” of humans in this world. Ethnically we are different but genetically we are almost all the same. But with plants, I see there to be millions upon millions of species of vegetation. Some live in high mountains and others in the deserts of Africa. One of the standouts that I agree with is that animals have had characters that reflect the environment in which they dwell. Birds in tropical regions are often more colorful than those who live in more temperate forests (parrot VS a pigeon).