Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

Darwin uses many different examples to argue in favor of evolution through natural selection. While he admits that there are many objections to his theory that are rather advanced, he continues to state that there are many arguments that can be made in favor of evolution through natural selection. For example, one of his arguments has to do with reproduction. When two species are crosses, their offsprings reproductive systems become modified (484) and therefore have evolved and become different. Jumping now to page 513, Darwin lists another plethora of arguments for his readers to consider when contemplating evolution through natural selection. One of these includes Growth with Reproduction, which was already discussed previously, but he explains the idea of Inheritance with it a little more. He also includes variability, ratio of increase so high it leads to a struggle for life and a divergence of character. This goes along with the idea of competition in natural selection. Competition is a driving force for changes, as species are competing with others and trying to survive and the ones who don’t win those competitions do not survive, thus natural selection.

I found his geographical distribution argument to be rather convincing. It made me think about different animals and how they wouldn’t survive in warmer/colder environments. It also made me think about plants and how they would have to adapt to changing climates and other conditions. Animals especially however would have to learn how to adapt to their different climates. I read about how different areas can have similar physical conditions but widely different inhabitants (499) and found myself agreeing with the idea. Think of a snake and how the have to burrow under ground in the colder months because they cannot survive in the winter (thankfully, snakes are terrifying) or how jackrabbits turn color during the winter to match the snow and avoid predators.