Climate Science, the solution or just a load of hot air?


The issues outlined in the IPCC articles could potentially be addressed in a number of ways using technological fixes. The impact of higher temperatures on the environment could be lessened by installing systems to restore damaged ecosystems to near former health, or to protect individual ecosystems from the effects of that increase, or by counteracting that increase before it has a chance to do any more damage. However, as of yet a suitable fix has not been found, and as more time goes by and more damage accrues the number of options grows ever more limited. For a successful fix to be implemented, it would likely have to take place some time in the next couple of decades given the information presented by the articles, a relatively short frame of time from a historical perspective. Given this, and the fact that such a fix would by necessity have to be an effective socio-technological one with more benefits than drawbacks for it to do anything save by us a little more time, I feel that it is unlikely that such a fix will be found. I don’t think this ideal fix can be achieved, but a lesser one might be doable, if only to by more time for a proper solution to be developed.

The articles, both IPCC and Professor Reidy’s work, illustrate that the study of climate has been around for well over a century, if not in the same form as today. Whether its age has any say in its legitimacy is a subject for its own debate, but to claim it is in its infancy would be an incomplete assessment. In the form it occupies today, yes it is fairly young, but the seeds of today’s organizations were planted as long ago as the 1800’s.

2 thoughts on “Climate Science, the solution or just a load of hot air?”

  1. I agree with your thoughts on climate change. One thing I would argue though is when you say change must happen in the next couple decades. I think solutions must happen sooner. Even though it may not happen, we need to start making changes now so the damages don’t progress to a state where we can’t recover from the losses. For example, if we wait till the majority of coral reefs die, the seas may not be able to recover. In your second paragraph I also agree that climate science is young but not in its infancy. We have plenty of information that proves global warming is real and the world needs to work together.

  2. Hi Hunter! I agree with what you are saying about Global Warming and climate change. I also agree that the “fix’ to climate change, from a socio-technoligical view point, would be nearly impossible to achieve. The fix may never be created because of the short amount of time we have. I agree that finding a “lesser” technological fix would be doable to achieve and have it act as a temporary band-aid, until we have a better and reliable fix to our problem of global warming and climate change. Hopefully we can come up with this improved techno-fix before time expires and the world and ecosystems may never be the same again.

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