Climate Crisis

The ramifications of climate change that we could face are all quite terrifying, but what are people doing to stop the rise in temperature of our planet? What are some things that we can do right now that will stop this tragedy? As we all know, for the most part, technological fixes are a temporary delay of problems and not an ultimate and lasting problem solver. I think that technological fixes could decrease some of the disasters that we are facing when it comes to climate change, but I don’t think that they should be the only thing that we rely on. We could enforce some technological fixes, with the intention and plan of enforcing more permanent solutions, like lifestyle changes. There are many different technological fixes we can use now. For example, kelp farms. We can also have every car be powered by the sun to reduce emissions. Valerie Masson-Delmotte stated in the IPCC press release that “The good news is that some of the kinds of actions that would be needed to limit global warming to1.5oC are already underway around the world, but they would need to accelerate.”


I don’t think that is true. John Tyndall had discovered the reasons behind climate change many years ago and predicted that it would be a catastrophe for our earth. How can we say that something is in its infancy if it has been relevant for 157 years? Compared to the universe it may be young, but it has been relevant for such a long time I don’t think we can just say it isn’t correct and that climate change isn’t a thing. I don’t really think that that statement is a good reason to doubt science and what experts in the field are saying. It seems like just an excuse not to face the problems of the world or a way to justify their actions that could be harming the planet, so they don’t have to change their lifestyles.


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  1. Hi Catherine

    Great post! I agree with you that the climate science is not in its infancy. As you mention is has been around for 157 years, but I must say that the actions of limiting climate change with climate science have not been around for that long. Yes, climate science is not in its infancy, and you are right, it could seem like an excuse just to not face the problems of the environmental changes we are facing at this moment. Tyndall’s experimental confirmations shows that it has been a topic for a while that experts have been able to research a lot on.

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