Bryce Dawkins Week 12

Bryce Dawkins

Paragraph 1: Wow can we talk about CRISPR for a second. This stuff sounds absolutely amazing, like I am so shocked at how great this stuff is really sounding. I was very interested in CRISPR when I first read about how scientist were looking to manipulate the genes of mosquitos, hoping to make it where they can no spread diseases anymore. But after finding out that this manipulation of genes and germ lines was possible for any organism including ourselves I was very captivated. The ability to quickly and precisely alter, delete and rearrange DNA of organism is very brilliant. They also talked about how the CRISPR was used to cure so already flawed genetics in the human DNA, such as muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis and one form of Hepatitis. Its erasing flaws people, get excited. And this CRISPR is also being used by plant biologist, there looking to use CRISPR to manipulate the genes in plants that make this more desirable by other pest. This CRISPR could lead to not needing to use very harmful chemical pesticides. But with all great things comes the bad, CRISPR has been proven that if used to correct the germ line in humans or organisms it could lead to the finished product evolving other flaws in the human DNA. CRISPR is in discussion of whether or not its properties could lead to current diseases to evolve into something worse, something we’ve never seen before. Everything sounds amazing at first but it has its flaws as well.

Paragraph 2: Messing with stuff we do not fully understand, I don’t know if this is just me being dramatic or as we kids say nowadays “sketchy”. But everytime in the movies a scientist messes with something he doesn’t fully understand there usually a monster that appears. But hey that’s only in the movies. Right? But in reality manipulating DNA and making humans better is on the to-do-list. People want to be better, better looking, better at math, no mentally ill, whatever is holding each and everyone of us back can be fixed. Potentially. Now CRISPR sounds amazing, playing God and recreation humans to be better is basically what CRISPR is. We can help to cure diseases and to wipe away birth defects, there would be no more mental illness. This all sounds fine and dandy but what about the future generations that can speak for themselves, or the fact the we are PLAYING GOD potentially. We have babies, we do not “create” babies. So no, I do not think we should manipulate or touch or DNA as humans, we have flaws but that is what makes us, human. Were different, as soon as we start correcting everything and messing with our DNA is where we lose our individuality.  


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  1. I agree with you with your statement that we should not manipulate human DNA. I like how you mentioned that human have flaws and that is what makes us human. Also the point about having babies opposed to “creating” them. If you think about it the whole concept of creating designer babies is somewhat creepy considering we would be altering humans with science that is very new to us. Furthermore, I think we would be creating a being that would have an unfair advantage in our society.

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