Designer Babies

CRISPR technology is an unprecedented and fascinating technology that has the possibility to redesign the future through gene editing. Although it has many supporters who favor the benefits of it, there are as always with new technology many skeptics who fear the negative impacts of it. Francis Crick institute in London is studying this exciting new technology and their scientists “hope to cast light on early embryo development work which may eventually lead to safer and more successful fertility treatments.” This is just one of the many positive things CRISPR technology is focused on solving. CRISPR has the possibility to decrease, or even eliminate many serious genetic diseases. People against it argue that it is dangerous, unnatural, and that its playing god. People would be able to create would many call designer babies because parents would be able to almost customize the baby by picking the genes they want it to have.


Although picking and choosing the exact baby you want seems like a futuristic movie with a dark ending I think that its positives due outway its negatives. It could prevent many mental and physical disabilities giving everyone a fair chance in life. I think that it isn’t ready for the market yet but as they continue tests and trials I think it could be a positive thing that could impact millions of lifes. There would need to be rules in place that didn’t discriminate peoples financial status. It would need to be a technology that was available to everyone not just the rich. However, like we’ve talked about before techno fixes often generate as many problems as they do benefits and CRISPR technology is a techno fix meaning that you can’t always be one hundred percent sure of its outcome in the future.