You talkin to me?

I agree with Harari that the cognitive revolution and the agricultural revolution formed basis for our modern civilization. During the Cognitive revolution, Homo Sapiens developed the ability to transmit larger amounts of information about the world’s surroundings. They also developed the ability to transmit larger amounts of information about social relationships among other Sapiens. The other ability they developed was obtaining information about things that don’t exist like religion, spirits, nations, and human rights. These are all things that humans know today. Then when the agricultural revolution began, Sapiens began domesticating animals like the goat. Also, they started growing crops, such as wheat, which started an increase in food. However, it did not make for a better diet. The increase of food did, in fact, create an increase in population because women began creating more offspring. When the agricultural revolution began, Sapiens stopped migrating as much and started to make camps so they could farm.

I mostly agree with Harari that Sapiens became dominant because of imagined orders. Because of our ability to communicate in large groups is what makes our species strong. We come together due to our similar imagination. The other aspects, I believe that makes us more dominant are our ability to communicate with one another and collaborate with one another. I think this played a huge role in Sapiens becoming dominant, but there are a lot of other aspects that come into play, such as the ability to grow crops and our opposable thumbs, but mostly because of our ability to communicate and be social.

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  1. I completely agree with you that the cognitive and agricultural revolution formed the basis of our modern civilization. I agree that being able to communicate with one another in more advanced ways was one of the most important developments we have made as a species. I believe the imagined reality was also just as important as being able to communicate because it brought people together for a common goal. In total, I agree with your opinions on the cognitive and agricultural revolutions.

  2. I liked this post! One thing to think about is the counter-point to more food was due to a growing population because historians are unsure if population increase was because of more children, or if more children was due to the surplus food and it was easier to care for them. I also agree with the idea of imagined orders because our complex imagined orders seem to be the main difference in us and other species and this may make all the difference in why we are dominant over anything else, but I definitely agree that there are other aspects that affected this as well, but imagined orders obvious had a large contribution.

  3. I agree that the majority of modern civilization is built on the techniques and things we learned during the cognitive and agricultural revolutions. I also agree that our ability to communicate and live in large groups sets us apart from other species and have allowed us to expand our society beyond imagination. I liked the ending about opposable thumbs because it made me laugh a little, mostly because it’s probably true. Overall I think you did a really good job on this post!

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