winters canceled


This is a tough one considering the progress of climate change. Technological fixes will be the solution in combating climate change. There are so many human influenced factors that are the causes for climate change, there will need to be many techno-fixes to counter these factors. A socio-technological fix would need to be introduced as soon as possible for it to be effective in combatting climate change. Also said fix would need to be utilized by people worldwide for it to have be useful in the fight against climate change. This fight against climate change is more a new age imagined reality battle against ourselves.

Some aspects of climate science are relatively new compared to other sciences. Climate change hasn’t occurred from one event obviously. It has been happening as a result of human activity, which has been taking place a for many of years. It’s somewhat recently that scientists have found a notable change, which can be why some climate contrarians think that climate science too young to be trusted. Climate science is not its own field, in the way that it is made up of many different practices and discoveries. For instance John Tyndall and his works are still relevant in todays science world though he died in the 1800s ( 13, Reidy). I think anything to do with climate and especially climate change puts people on edge. Climate science may be young in comparison to other sciences but, that doesn’t make it any less viable.

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