What We Shouldn’t Take For Granted

The state and market were able to provide people with stability. It gave people food, shelter, protection, and health. Those loyal to it would be rewarded, reimbursed for their contribution and efforts put into it. People against it would often be entirely on their own. Without the additional support. You had to obey anything the state and market had put out. The focus of the individual came along with the creation of state and market. People were encouraged to work any career they desired, marry whomever they wished to marry. However, this, in turn, broke up the family and community culture. This all started when we started to care for ourselves and our technology was advancing at a decent rate according to the texts in Harari.


Historians should play the role as sort of message-heavy storytellers. They know all the past experiences of humankind. They know of everything that went in favor of and against our development. It is vital that we have Historians to keep our future generations from making the same mistakes we have made in the past. In the event of potential setbacks to mankind, historians can help with the jumpstart, or boost in human advancement. They also know the limits that we can achieve with technology. With this knowledge, we as a species can advance even farther than we have previously. Their role and importance in society exponentially increase as time goes on. They are essential to our societal success and forever will be that important, despite sounding like their use today isn’t as important as it is.