Homo Sapiens Get Got

According to Harari, the State and Market became the central aspect of human culture due to the abolishment of community and family being the primary aspect in people’s lives. Harari goes into detail on how the State and Market broke the bond of community and family in favor of a more individualistic approach to living. This included individuality for marriage, jobs, living, and basically any aspect you can attribute to family and community living.

Historians play a massive role in the future and end of homo sapiens due to the morals in which they bring to the table, as well as the capacity to analyze whether some decisions, such as scientific progression. The analyzing of these progressions can lead to a historian pointing out technological fixes or similarities to the past. Another strong skill that historians possess that would be an immense asset to the future of homo sapiens is the ability to take information given on subjects, and predict the trend and repercussions that may stem from the progressions in technology. Although some scientists may claim that they have the capacity to evaluate whether a technology is ethical or not for humans, only historians, in my opinion, truly possess that skill. Some scenarios with technological fixes we employ may lead to the extinction of homo sapiens, at the hand of homo sapiens, all because most scientists stop at nothing in the name of progress. Historians have a role unlike any other profession in the future of our species, and the future heavily depends on the choices they make with their abilities.