What Our Leaders Fear

Governments should fear the invention of inventions such as the air pump and electrical machines because the potential in dependency it creates for the people. With these inventions comes the slow process of adopting those inventions into everybody’s lives. For examples inventions such as the microwave and television started as items extremely scarce to the public. But as time went on the technology developed, manufacturing became cheaper, and so did the product. From there it became a common appliance everybody making decent money has. The same goes for the air pump and electrical machines. As more people get a hold of these items their lives get easier. For inventions such as these they build independence for the people. Independence forces people away form the need to be taken care of. And that’s the government’s main role in society. Quoting Johnson “to promote the most perfect freedom of thinking and acting”. Freedom to think allows us to stray from the government.


Johnsons work does give light to current examples of this in the real world. Examples of this could be like the cure for cancer. If such a treatment guaranteed the removal of cancer government would profit less from people paying for treatment rather than a constant check up and charge for life. Such a thing could exist, but its potential to harm the government and their profits calls for them to keep it hidden from the public before it becomes a commodity. This is just an example of course but does highlight what Johnson is talking about. His argument is very relevant in today’s society.

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  1. I like how you articulated your ideas with ample examples of technologies that could really be used in the same way previous technologies were affecting governments. I myself could not think of many examples of technologies that could scare the government today, since most inventions coming out today seems to benefit them. Although you make a good point about cancer treatment, in the case for private insurances, I do wonder how that directly impacts the government. Are you saying that the government benefits off of the private companies that benefit from cancer treatments through lobbying. It really makes me think. Great job with the blog!

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