Welcome to Fight Club. First Rule is Don’t Talk About Fight Club.

Harari describes The Cognitive Revolution as a “biological arena” (Harari pg. 39). By this, he means to say that the entire cognitive revolution was simply the advancement of Sapiens brains over their more simple minded cousins/brothers Neanderthals. This is largely in part to Sapiens new found ability in the Human world to “invent fiction” (Harari pg. 39). Harari suggests that almost the entire reason that Sapiens became the dominant human species was because of their ability to create extremely large groups, bigger than perviously seen groups of only 150 or less, that all collectively believed in the same thing and allowed them to be one group without even knowing one another personally like was needed in the past thus allowing large scale cooperation. Conversely, Harari seems much more in doubt of the Agricultural Revolution being a good thing necessarily, saying that “…the Agricultural Revolution left farmers with lives generally more difficult and less satisfying than those of foragers” (Harari pg. 79). This revolution was the overall majority switch to the lifestyle of farming over the hunter gatherer style. Though this revolution did indeed lead to a steadier life overall, it also led to the ability of humans to pass on unwanted genes, such as diseases that would’ve killed a hunter gatherer and thus never made it into the bloodline. Thus, while the cognitive revolution was a wonderful transition for Sapiens, the Agricultural Revolution almost turned us right back and deleted the progress made by the first one.


Harari’s explanation for how Sapiens became the dominant ones is largely based on the Cognitive Revolution and I largely think the same. Mostly based on the new found ability to work in large groups which, when you think about it is true to these days even. After all, the person with the most votes wins and if Sapiens could outvote Neanderthals, then I would say that’s probably why they won.

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  1. Bryce Dawkins
    First off nice title Alex, very clever and pretty funny. But besides your title being very funny I also agree with you alot. The brain being more concisely aware was a huge step in the right direction regarding sapiens becoming the most dominant of the human species. It really amazed me how the highetened intelligence the sapiens showed, not having a diffentaive name that we have found but the Lion Man is a great example. Another Cognitive Revolution or maybe it’s not a revolution but the unconscious chose to have a better brain rather say a bigger intestine allowing the digestion of tougher foods, this right here could be the difference between our survival as sapiens and the demise of neanderthals. The first source of proof showing that the sapiens could have been worshipping a higher power or spiritual being. And along with getting each other to cooperate and having bigger communities the Agricultural Revolution was a great step to in some ways. Domesticating certain plants and animals so we could reap the rewards was genius. This was the beginning of modena day farming, carraling animals, domesticating wheat, olive trees etc. The sapiens showed great intelligence when it came to surviving and these examples I have stated could be the very reason why they made it and the neanderthals didn’t. I really enjoyed reading your paragraph and seeing the growth of the Sapiens from a different perspective.

  2. I also really liked your title, its the reason I clicked on your post. The actual post summarizes what Harari had to say very nicely. I like how you mentioned his view of the agricultural revolution not necessarily being a good thing for humanity as it fills people’s lives with endless work efforts. This was one of the most interesting parts of Harari’s text in my opinion. Good Job!

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