We the People of a Broken Economy

The modern market environment has created a strong system of supply and demand, at times the demand may not even be a necessity but rather a product of good marketing. The economy has transition many times over the years and so has the trade of marketing and this has in turn changed the social class. The average consumer has been formed by the state into a person in need. There are two general tools used to sell a product, those being either it is a product that you need or the product makes you more elite. This has changed the landscape of the market as a whole, reaping on those who are lacking in self esteem, or those who have a strong sense of self doubt. Human culture is formed by the masses and this can vary and change in a matter of years based on the events that take place; however, there will always be a good that one person can sell or trade to another. Supply and demand are essential in the trading of goods.


As historians posed with the knowledge of the ever changing landscape and the constant fear of destruction of humankind. With fears around issues like global warming and other detrimental problems we as humans face, historians must use this science around these issues that they have gained over the years to combat these issues. As historians we learn from the past and can oftentimes have a different outlook or opinion than politicians and scientist. It is then our duty to share these opinions and knowledge with others.