Us and Evolution

The cognitive revolution was the start of studying the mind and its processes. This study gave insight to how we humans behave and react to things. It allowed us better understanding of ourselves. It started careers of people to study the human mind, and those studies aid in the assistance of people with mental health issues. The agricultural revolution set us on a path to being able to provide for the massive population we have today. It expanded our knowledge of growing food effectively. Of course a larger population demands for more food, and without the agricultural revolution we wouldn’t have been able to sustain our population as effectively as we do now. A lot of the methods discovered during this revolution are still used today.


Harari explains how homo sapiens became dominated by clearly defining homo sapiens separate from their closely related brother and sisters. He describes the environmental differences along with climate as a huge factor in the evolution of these separate but somewhat similar species. How sapiens had better access to good vegetation, weather, and access to animals that are able to be domesticated. His arguments are strong because of how the access to resources can be traced to today and how the more advanced societies have better resources, while the less advanced struggle with finding resources. I absolutely agree with him. Where certain species evolve matter when it comes to evolution. Lacking in a need for potential growth can stunt the possible advancements a species can make. Homo sapiens became dominant because of their geographical placement in the world.

2 thoughts on “Us and Evolution”

  1. First of all, I like that you had a different point of view than me when it came to what made Sapiens the top animal. However, I am curious about why you say it’s the geography that influence Sapien development. Would you also consider that with our current society, Sapiens have reached our peak evolution or at least reached a stagnant point in our evolution? If so, what do you think will encourage our further evolution?

  2. Very well written and a concise way to convey your information and opinions to the reader. I especially liked how you related the cognitive revolution as if it was in modern day terms and not with the first people on earth. Since you agree with Harari about geography playing a major role in the developmental and domination of the homo sapiens over the rest of the species, I’m curious as to what you believe actually affected the growth in the geography, if your thoughts differ from Harari at the point or if you agree with him on that subject as well.

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