Too far gone

One large technological advance that may not be able to reverse this problem, but rather negate it, or nullify it at the least, is technology that can effectively remove CO2 from the air (IPCC 2). Another technological advance that will help us get away from burning fossil fuels is the increase in sustainable energy and its implementation. This would be the most effective way of not creating more CO2 and dumping it into the air. The removal of the CO2 would be a way of “cleaning up the trash” so to speak. We need to stop creating the waste before we start cleaning it up or it will be more or less counter productive and just stay at the same levels or even increase marginally less than now. The question of if a socio-technological solution can be implemented in the time that it would need to be to keep the level of warming below 1.5C is debatable. We’re talking about a society that heavily relies on fossil fuels and the amount of CO2 we’re putting in the air with our cars as well is Monday boggling. So to answer that, personally I think it’s doubtful art best with how many people deny climate change in the first place but we can only hope, right?

The statement of “Climate science is still in its infancy” is blatantly false. John Tyndall published his findings that “both water vapor and carbon dioxide were relatively powerful absorbers of heat” and that “any changes to the constitution of the atmosphere would would produce great effects on the terrestrial rays and produce corresponding changes of climate”(Reidy 13). The fact that they were able to decipher this even back then and with all the evolution of technology through the ages that did refine this research and his findings and yet still, people disregard it as fiction is unbelievable.