It Can Fix Everything

Techno-fixes that can help with slowing or reducing the rise in global temperature is currently being implemented within our daily lives, according to the IPCC’s reports. The problem with that is it taking too long to implement. These fixes range from making jobs like resource collecting more efficient or finding new more efficient resources themselves. This can drastically cut back on the kinds of methods we use that pollute and heat our environment today. The timeframe we do have is very slim. Making the likelihood of us achieving our goal also less likely. The only way to increase the chances of achieving our goals is to adjust our lifestyles ourselves. Cut down on things potentially harmful to the environment. Go green as they say. Anything to stop the increase with further help the much-needed decrease.


Based on the readings the statement that climate science is still too young is more true than false. Given that people like Tyndall have been researching this topic since the late 1800’s. We haven’t been at this problem for too long. I believe there is still an array of things we don’t entirely know about our planet. That isn’t to say that what we are researching now isn’t accurate. I think that what we do know is extremely important in helping our environment in regards to climate change. I just think there is more to learn. From what we don’t know yet could perhaps even further ourselves in finding that big fix we were looking for.