The Three’s Company

Science Empire and Capitalism are all necessary for the development of society. Science gives us a better understanding on who we are, and give us the opportunity to create medication and antibiotics to fight diseases, hence increasing our life expectancy. Back then the act of conquest and conquering allowed for the expansion of power and wealth. Capitalism allowed the expansion of the individual. With the success of an individual comes the success of the people within. When goods are produced and demands for such goods are increased jobs are created stimulating the economy. Scientific discovery was supported through the people. Reasonably so, considering how beneficial the scientific community contributed to society, through medical advancements saving countless lives. From then on the only politicians elected were only the politicians who supported and backed the scientific community. If a politician happened to be against or show no interest toward scientific advancements, elections would be pretty predictable if the opposer believed in the exact opposite.


Harari’s argument for the idea progress being a pivotal role in the linking of science empire and capitalism makes a lot of sense. With the eventual progress comes advancements to all three of science empire and capitalism. The importance of these become greater the more they are implemented within society. With the progress of those fields come the relation between the three. It becomes apparent that they are necessary for a society to be. Being that this pattern of those three core values show up in societies that are successful.

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  1. The way you formatted this response is very interesting and definitely puts a spin and a fresh take on the topic, especially how you placed the second question first to lead into the second prompt. One question I do have however is that do you believe that no other society can become successful without having all three of those values? Because looking at countries such as Cuba, which seem to be doing rather well under communism, and not capitalism and empire. Very well thought out essay and very thought provoking.

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