The Science Geeks to fix it all

Wyatt Ayers


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The other Authors would probably say something along the lines of how even if technology advances to a point where there can be no war because we as individuals are so enveloped in our own sphere of influence that we must begin a war with ourselves to become social creatures again. Because no matter how hard you try, we are social creatures to our core and this is how we survived for so many years. It also suggests that the problems we are facing today are caused by science and technology, if we are to stay in this track we will surely develop more problems as time goes on. In short; science and technology will answer a few social problems, but will end up making just as many in the process.


As with everything that humans have worked on, changed, or improved, there will always be negative side effect – for example; living in close knit cities creates protection from the beasts of the wild, but it also makes hygiene and crime problems. I think these repercussions we face are required for us to keep improving something that we strive to be great. We made jobs that dealt with the waste and jobs that kept criminals at bay. This is a great example of how time and dedication will continue to make social and environmental problems a reality, but also a way for people to step up and make the world a better place.

2 thoughts on “The Science Geeks to fix it all”

  1. I agree with your statement that no matter what advances humans make in history there will always be both positive and negative side effects. Even with those consequences, it cannot stop us from our progression and growth as a species. As you stated, humans are social beings and will always have conflicts, such as war. Like we talked about in class the military industrial complex was an unintended result of dropping the atomic bomb on Japan and the continued advancement of technology and science after that time. Even though this occurred, many positive things happened such as the introduction of many vaccines and medical practices that have saved many people’s lives. Great job on your post!

  2. I would say that technology has side effects that aren’t good, but I’d argue that there isn’t really any positives that technology has really done for mankind. All that technology has done for us is to make us weaker and stupider than our pre-historic forebears. Living in cities is changing mankind into a weaker creature that has no place in the natural world. By this point the only effective way to destroy the technology that puts mankind out of touch with his true wild and animalistic instincts, present in our ancestors, is to simply allow society to continue on it’s inevitable doom. I think a nuclear war might actually be a good thing for mankind since it would send us back to becoming our true selves…..animals!

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