The Discrepancies Between Science and Government

Governments should fear air pumps and electrical machines because with new inventions governments can be challenged or even toppled. This is evident when the book was examining the American revolution and how Franklin used a newer more potent gunpowder from France to help resist and eventually push back the English army, “Lavoisier mused . . . ‘It can truthfully be said that it is to those supplies that America owes its freedom.’” (Page 143).It is these such inventions that allow governments to be overthrown and replaced, this being the reason for which governments and even religion should be fearful of air pumps and even electrical machines.

Johnson’s work does shed new light on current examples of scientific or technological research that holds socio and political consequences. One such example of this would be when President Donald Trump cut funding to the EPA, Park Service, and other such science based government agencies. In silencing these government agencies President Trump takes away the power from these agencies and from the people who subscribe to said agencies, no longer are these people able to hold the government responsible because they are now no longer informed. This has the political consequence of protecting Trump’s presidency from the eyes and actions of the people in relieving Trump if him or his cabinet do anything disagreeable.

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  1. I completely agree with your statement that these technologies have the power to topple governments and religions. Organized science for the greater good is a very powerful thing. It allows humans to seek unbridaled knowledge without the distractions of things like fear-mongering. Knowledge seeking has driven humans incredibly far in the past few centuries and will continue to do so. Which is why it’s scary when our current president drives that progress backwards.

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