The balance in technology

Although Michael Huesemann, and Sean Johnson do see potential benefits within the technological fix, they would most likely find Douthwaite’s argument to be shallow minded. He doesn’t address the potential harm the technological fix count cause. He only focuses on the possible benefits, and how we as a society can advance by focusing more on human development instead of having to deal with social issues. An area where I believe the two authors would partially agree with is the line towards the end where he states even if it’s only a temporary fix to a important social problem, we would have nothing but to benefit from it. We wouldn’t be diving too deep, and leaving the issue solved entirely by technology.


The dangers of removing nature entirely from the equation of human life can be a lot more threatening than it may seem. Being that we came from nature what could potentially occur if we were to leave it? Nature is natural for a reason. Although it can be dangerous the possibility of negative repercussions shouldn’t scare us into not advancing at all. I firmly believe there should be a balance between how we shape nature with technology.

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  1. You touch on all the really important parts of the readings about technological fixes. I also fully agree with your stance on maintaining nature in its natural state. Most people don’t think about the repercussions of technological advances. Great thoughts!

  2. I agree with your thoughts to the first question, especially when you say they may partially agree on one point. After I submitted my post I thought more about the line that these authors would agree with each other. I do think that even if some technology only offers a short term benefit, that might be better than no fix at all. On another note I like how you strongly connected to nature in your second paragraph. One thought I had was how natural are humans? I think some technologies are obviously not natural, but what technologies are natural? If some birds (Ravens) are capable of making tools to find food, then is it natural that we make tools to solve our problems?

  3. Way to articulate you points in a concise manor, extremely easy to read and interesting opinions. I like how you answered the first prompt, because you bring up an interesting point that how technology nowadays is just quick fixes for our inconveniences in modern days, but they are causing us to lose who we are in the inside. However I have to wonder at what point do you believe that we would lose our natural human selves? What technological invention with tip us over the edge of being naturally from this Earth? Or will it be just the amount of technologies that will alienate us so far away from who we are that we wouldn’t consider ourselves natural anymore?

  4. I think you’re right, that there can be a worthwhile balance between nature and technology. As of now, I’m sure that you would agree, we have been unable to find that equilibrium. It is difficult for me to foresee a future where we can balance nature and technology well, but I am also hopeful. I think that technology is almost the only way that we can attempt to reconcile and fix the damage we have already done through our modern behavior on earth i.e. global warming. I agree with your sentiment and enjoyed your response.

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